Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What I love about Fashion

I have gotten a few emails and questions about my outfits.
Where I get my clothes?
How I put them together?
How do I know what to put together?
I'm always fascinated at what other bloggers are wearing, their trends where they live, and or some of the deals and discounts and latest sales. So I thought I would do a post on how I do it.
 MOST Importantly:
I don't consider myself to have style I just wear what I love. I don't follow any rules I think they are bogus. I will wear white all year round, I will wear black and brown, I just do me. Most important advice I would give is to always try new things out of your comfort zone. In 2011 while in Vegas for the first NFR we ever attended I saw all of these funky headbands and how they were sporting them and I loved them and I'm all bout funky but I was hesitant about me looking good in them. I thought I cant pull that look off but the hubbs said we are in Vegas and we don't know these people so why not try it. He was so right and I went and bought not 1 but 3 went to the bathroom in the convention center and put one on. I still didn't know about it but I would give it the rest of the day and see how I felt about it. While walking out of the bathroom I got several comments and the rest of the day people would stop me and say I love your headband I couldn't never pull it off. I simply replied with that's what I thought too. So needless to say I went back bought more and wore them  the rest of the trip. When we were back home I wore them and I would get all kinds of crazy comments because this trend wasn't here yet. Did that stop me NO Im not a trend wearer I'm a trend setter. With that comment I mean if I like it Im going to wear it even if I am the only one doing it. Sometimes I look back and think what the hell why didn't anyone tell me NO the others I say I loved that look. So it's all about you being comfortable in your style to wear whatever you want when you want. The whole 2012 year I wore headbands and it was crazy getting all the snarky comments but I didn't care I love my headbands and then in 2013 the headband craze started in my town. Because I have a dry sense of humor I could simply say of the headbands are sooo 2011ago. See you never know. If you step out of your comfort zone you may actually love what you thought you would never ever imagine.
I am so not creative so when it comes to putting all these cute and funky outfits together I always go to my handy Pinterest to find inspiration. Here is what I do:
1. I find an outfit I love
flannel + faux fur + leggings


2. I then go and find pieces that I have or look online for pieces I can use to replicate the look. I pinned the look I knew I had the brown fur vest. Its Steve Madden I scored on Ebay a few ago for 20 bucks. I knew I needed to find a red plaid shirt. My iPhone noted has a note labeled "Looking for" and I write all the things I'm looking for so while I'm out and about I can see if I find anything.
I found the plaid shirt at Forever21. Here is one for 12$

I feel like I always wear leggings so I decided to go with some AE distressed skinnies. Give those babies a small roll and pair them with these booties. that's how easy it is to create a cute outfit without having creativity.

This is another look that is easy to be recreated. I got this picture from Pinterest
When I think of this look I think of it on a day when I don't have time or want to wash the hair but have errands to run and things to do I can throw this comfortable outfit on and go about my day while feeling cute. More than likely we all have every single piece in our closet. If you don't do leggings you can do black skinnies or ever dark denim skinnies.

white tank + blazer + leopard scarf + leggings + boots
This is another look I have recreated and use the same leopard scarf from above.
Cute Leopard find more women fashion ideas on
the recreated look

Don't worry with the name brand when you are recreating a look. We all want more for less so I would recommend instead of looking for the brand look for the item.
Example Rag & Bone red skinnies.....we all know rag and bone is pricey so I just looked for red skinnies and snagged a pair for around 30 instead of the hefty price of rag and bone. Now if you are lucky you can search on Ebay for Rag and bone and score a pair.

A lot of questions and the one I get the most is where I shop. that is the hardest thing to answer because I am an online shopper addict so I will start from there. I tend to shop at a lot of online boutiques or I will type what I'm looking for in the Google search bar and it will bring me a few options. I get clothes from everywhere I am not picky if I like it I get it. Here is a post where I go into more detail of a few places I shop. Right now I am loving Nordstrom's and have a lot of items in my cart just wish I had the money to buy everything in there so narrowing it down is hard.

A smoking hot Momma friend of mine Nicole @ Prairie Princess has been doing a what I'm wearing posts and I love them. She takes pictures of the different outfits and once she has a good many of them she will do a post and post them along with where she got her pieces from. I love it because sometimes there will be pieces she got at somewhere that I have never shopped at before so I love learning and seeing new things. I actually need to talk her into doing a link up when she does those post and everyone can link up at her blog.
Fabchickgetsfit introduced me to this sexy little jacket here 
I ordered it and love it!
I am going to have to get the brown one now. 

My pinterest board is where I get all inspirations from.
Here are a few looks I'm loving for Fall/Winter:
Adorable red plaid harem pants and leopard coat | HIGH RISE FASHION
20 ways to wear boots - great fall fashion tips! You will just LOVE these great ideas!
55+ Fall Outfit Ideas, super cute clothing inspiration for fall!
Best part is I already have everything to make this outfit, including my favorite fringe boots!
I love my new look!!!

Hoping you all have a Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving!  My favorite quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Most importantly:


Monday, November 24, 2014

Go ahead and stuff that baby up

Stocking Stuffers:
Stocking have always been a huge part of my life when I was growing up .
I knew and looked forward to some basic staples that were in there each and every year.
A few years ago my mom's fireplace was crowded with stockings and she ran out of room for them there and she made the comment about next year only putting up the grandkids..........
UMMMMM say what?
We all chimed in and let her know that do away with our Christmas gifts but not our stockings.
That's just how important our stocking are to us.
Now my mom puts all 5 grandkids stocking on the mantle and on the built in shelf beside it she hangs: mine, Nick, Rusty, Amanda, Bradley, & Daddy.
Stocking Must Haves:
Reese's Trees
a funny story about these:
Every year as far as I can remember these have been a staple but about 5 years ago my mom had a lot going on and when she went to pick these up for us they were sold out. She thought oh well I will get something else and it will be no big deal.............
I even think we all cried about them not being in there and saying everything under the sun to the effect that Christmas was ruined because the Grinch didn't think we needed Reese's trees.
Let's just say she now understands how important these are to us and will never make that mistake again. She learned her lesson. Now it is a running the trees?
At Easter we get the eggs and valentines we get the hearts.
It's our thing. Who said the best things in life were expensive?


We all know there is nothing like a good ole Sonic drink
and ponytails
even though each year my mom complained if you would keep up with the 100 I bought you last year
my brothers always got something hunting or fishing related.
the other few items were a surprise but these items were a must.
These are where traditions and memories are made from. I cant remember everything I have received from Christmas last year and I know that is sad but I know these small things each year and would know if I didn't get them. That is the stocking tradition at my parents house.
H5 stockings:
for the girls must haves:
trees, ponytails, fuzzy socks & iTunes gift card
trees, iTunes gift card, tall Nike or Under Amour socks & Gap boxers
yes he is spoiled and will not wear anything underwear other the Gap
trees, iTunes, American Eagle boxers
Victoria's Secret gift card
Everything else is different from year to year.
 Maci & Mauri:

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips
and anything else I can find that I think they will like
Texas Longhorns Top of the World Simple Knit Hat with Cuff – Black
American Crew is the professional leader in men's grooming, setting the standard for men's grooming products. From R-L: American Crew Daily Moisturizing Shampoo, Firm Hold Styling Gel, 3-IN-1, Forming Cream, Fiber and Pomade. (PRNewsFoto/American Crew)
He loves this stuff and I love smelling it on him.
Here are a few things on my stocking wishlist
RuPaul MAC lipstick
Gold Love Inspiration Bangle | Stella & Dot
 It's a 10 Miracle Hair Mask!   LOVE this!  Put my Pureology aside after using it for three years.  This stuff is amazing!
Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Petal. Beat the Winter chill by stocking up on these beautiful tinted lip balms!
well there you have it Stockings

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Christmas Wishlist

With Christmas right around the corner I thought it would be fun to join in on those Wish lists posts.
I always have a huge Amazon wish list so those that don't know what to get me can take a look a choose something from it. It makes it easier for my husband because he is still picking out the gift himself but doesn't have to remember each thing I tell him I want. He can go to my Amazon wish list and pick things off the list. Believe me when I say I have plenty to choose from I'm sure its over 200 items :) What can I say I am always adding to the list. I make my list public so that my mom, MIL, SIL and whoever else can type it in choose something and go on to the next person on their list to buy for. If you don't have a list I do encourage you to create one. It's easy to do and easy for the people buying for you. This way you get something you want and will actually use.

Here are a few on the things I have on my list:
Kendra Scott Earrings
I am a KS lover so you cant go wrong with any piece from there but Pink is my color and how fun are these earrings? They will brighten up anyone's day
Kendra Scott "Signature" Danielle Gold-Plated Neon Pink Color Drop Earrings

La Vie est Belle Perfume
I got a sample from my Ulta magazine that came in the mail and I fell head over heels for this.
I kept the sample paper and I cant throw it away I keep sniffing it. I think I might be obsessed with this stuff. Its heavenly
La Vie est Belle 'Luminous'
Alex and Ani Bracelets
You know I am a Alex and Ani collection so what's wrong with adding to the collection.
I could have to whole collection and be one happy lady

Clear Acrylic Makeup Organization
I have been dying for one of these forever but really didn't know what I wanted to go with and trying to research and look at each one was so overwhelming but I found one that I am loving.
I also love that at the top it has a place for all my perfumes.

I wish my make up was as organised as this!

Anthropology Capri Blue Candle
This is my favorite candle and yes it is worth the money.
I wish it was cheaper but its just something about the smell I cant go to another candle.
The smells makes my heart happy
Capri Blue Volcano is my favorite candle, and the icing on the cake is the beautiful mercury jars they come in #anthropologie

Michael Kors two toned watch
I have a gold MK watch and wear it all the time but the few times I wear silver I'm at a loss for a watch. I thought this two tones watch would work perfect I can wear it with silver and gold.

Michael Kors Women's MK5584 Madison Two Tone Watch

Cheetah Nylon Sweater
I am in love with ViCi Dolls everything. I follow them on IG and want everything they post.
Here are a few of my favorites lately

Sasha Jacket

Nordstrom Merry Christmas Gift Card

and if that isn't enough you cant go wrong with a Nordstrom's gift card


Friday, November 14, 2014

How I do it: Makeup

I always love to see what other people use and how they do things and when it comes to makeup is no exception. Over the last 4 years I went from being a girl who used the same products all the time into a makeup collector and hoarder. I don't know why or how this happened but I love it. Being that I always comment and love your tutorials and post when it comes to this area and I have been getting questions I thought ok why not.  
This is my every day makeup routine
I have linked the products that's I'm using underneath

Products I used:
Benefit The POREfessional- Quickly minimize the appearance of pores & fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin! Apply this silky, lightweight balm alone, under or over makeup. Translucent, oil-free formula complements all skin tones and helps makeup stay put. Contains a vitamin E derivative, known to protect skin from free radicals.
I have recently found a dupe for this product here  that will save you a whopping $23.00
MaryKay Timewise Matte-wear foundation-
Infused with vitamin E and a blend of peptides, the result is skin that instantly looks firmer, younger and healthier. It’s the perfect age-fighting foundation for combination to oily skin, visibly reducing the appearance of pores, fine lines, wrinkles and skin imperfections.
  • Provides all-day shine control and oil control without a heavy makeup look or feel.
  • Gives skin a long-lasting, matte finish.
  • Color stays true hour after hour.
  • In 23 skin-perfecting shades.
  • Transfer- and humidity-resistant.

MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Powder- A luxurious domed face powder with minerals, slowly baked to provide a dimensional yet natural-matte finish. Provides perfect light coverage. Use to set and fix foundation or as a touch-up throughout the day. New mirrored compact. 0.35 oz.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer- A lightweight fluid concealer that provides medium to full coverage with a comfortable, natural matte finish. Colour-true formula lasts up to 15 hours. Helps conceal and correct the look of under-eye circles and discolorations. Comes in a clear glass vial with a matte black pump. 0.30 oz.

MAC Prep & Prime Finishing Powder- Silky transparent finishing powder that reduces facial shine and minimizes the look of fine lines, pores and other imperfections.

MAC Paint Pot- Long-wearing, highly pigmented eye color goes on creamy, dries to an intense, vibrant, pearlized finish. Seamless coverage without weight or caking blends smoothly over the lids. Cream-based, can be mixed with M A C shadows and liners.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette-  Urban Decay's Naked2 Palette proves once again, neutral is anything but boring, (and is downright sexy when worn Naked). Feast your eyes on a range of shades ranging from pale to deep, matte to sparkly. This collection lets you achieve lots of neutral looks, smoky dramatic eyes, and everything in between.

Jesse's Girl Liquid Eye Liner-
Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Eye pencil- The ideal weapon for smoky-eye fanatics, this exclusive waterproof formula provides the same long-lasting wear you've come to expect from 24/7 - but with a soft, smoky finish.
More powdery than Urban Decay's bestselling 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil, 24/7 Velvet blends easier to create soft, smoky edges. Use this pencil to get perfectly blended-out or rich, precise lines.
24/7 Velvet contains moisturizing jojoba oil. And it's paraben-free. To make 24/7 Velvet easier to spot in your bag, Urban Decay gave it a shade-matched barrel and gunmetal accents on the cap and base (instead of silver accents like their traditional 24/7 Pencils).
TooFaced Better than Sex Mascara- Too Faced Hourglass-Shaped Brush was designed after discovering the bust-waist-hip ratio of an iconic silver screen Blonde Bombshell held the secret to the perfect brush silhouette that separates, coats and curls each lash to voluptuous perfection. One coat of the carbon black, collagen-fueled formula and lashes are full, defined and stretched to unbelievable lengths. Two coats and lashes are even more luscious, curled and dramatic. Three coats and achieve the most intense black, oversized, multidimensional lashes possible! A mascara so's Better Than Sex!
TooFaced Sun Bunny bronzer- Too Faced's most popular, dual-toned bronzer is a silky combination of a rich, golden bronze and a classic bronze with a touch of pink undertone to achieve year round bronzed perfection that mimics a natural tan without any of the orangey ick!
  • Universal Shade: Perfect for all skin tones to provide a medium tan tone.
  • Multi-use: Easy to apply shades can be used to shape and contour, or to produce an all-over rich glow.
  • Protect Yourself: Stay away the sun's harmful rays by faking your bake!

MAC Powder Blush in Mocha- its the perfect neutral everyday shade and will work for all skin tones

NARS Highlighter in New Order- just adds that extra glowy look

MAC Lipstick in Snob- Color plus texture for the lips. Stands out on the runway. Simmers on the street! What made MAC famous. 0.1 oz.

MAC Candy Yum Yum- the Farmer picked this out for me for Christmas last year. I told him I wanted a new MAC lip stick giving him free range and this is what he got me. I know the name probably had something to do with it lol :)

MAC Cremesheen Glass in Floating Lotus- A lip finish that fuses the creamy, sheen-filled nature of Cremesheen Lipstick with the shine of MAC Lipglass. Soft, comfortable, non-sticky. Applies with a doe-foot applicator. Use as a top layer to its namesake Lipstick or on its own.
They have 3 other colors in this and I want every one of them.

MAC Money Honey- Lip color that dazzles with light and shine to bring an exciting dimensional pop to your lips. Large particle pearls reflect and refract light to mimic the brilliance of quartz and opal crystal. Provides exceptional shine with a crystalline iridescence. Non-sticky, non-tacky, lightweight and moisturizing. Glides on. Wear alone, or layer over lipstick or Lipglass for dramatic effect. Features the signature MAC vanilla aroma.

Milani Bronzer in Fake Tan- in the winter I wear this all the time

MAC 116

MAC 224

MAC 109

Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki-

Sigma F80 Tapered Kabuki

Real Techniques Powder Brush-

Beauty Blender Sponge-

Crown Double End Brush-

Eco Tools Domed Bronzer

Now I encourage and challenge you to show us your makeup tutorial if you have never done one.
I love seeing and learning new things.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How I do it: Cow Checking

We have our cows on a breeding and baby making schedule. We turn our bull loose on his women in February and let him do work. Then 9 months later we know it is time to start watching for Mommas in Labor and getting ready for labor.
This is what we look for in our cows:
Swollen Milk bag- this means the milk is coming in and preparing to feed their baby

Swelling and Protruding of the vag area and or leakage

and the next thing you know babies start arriving
You can read and see all about the birthing process here.
I  must say this is my most favorite time of the whole process.
I love guessing what they are going to be on the size of their head when we pull up and the taking a peek to see if I am right. The bull calves have a bigger head more times than not.

Once a Momma has a calf we have to weigh it, ear tag it, and give it a dose of jump start.
The kids love to get involved and they jump right on it.
Rhett pulled up some of the left over corn stalks to feed to them.
They love when the kids feed them treats.

We match the calf's number to the Mommas so we know which baby is her calf. 
Mauri wanting to get some calf loving

 The Farmer is a huge UT fan so why not do the hook em sign with a Longhorn

Texsa is always there to help round them up with us.

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