Tuesday, January 27, 2015

All good things must come to an end...

Maci's last PeeWee basketball game was last Saturday and it was a ball of nerves all week.
PeeWee basketball starts in the 4th grade and Maci started and played each year until now. She loves it and has came a long way. I do have to brag on the Coach we have had an awesome Coach who loves these girls just like his own girls and has took his time with them. I can honestly say a team all depends on the coach if the girls don't respect the coach then its not going to be pretty but these girls just love love love Coach Chad. The championship started and it was a single limitation tournament. Our first game was against Riverfield. Maci was a big nerve pit all week and got worse that morning.
Coach Chad giving the girls a half time pep talk

They won the first game now on to game 2.
This is where each year we have lost out its the game before the championship. I was nervous for them but all I wanted was for the girls to make it to the championship and I would be happy. We had to play our rival....well everyone's rival due to how unclassy and rude the girls and parents are. Well let me take that back there are a few good ones that get a bad rap due to the rest of them.

Rhett thinking he is a big kid sitting up here with the big boys. 

UCA vs PVA here we go.....
Talk about intense and these girls wanted to beat them more than winning any trophy or championship. We previously played them and the won by one point due to a foul and they got to shoot a free throw. One of our girls said good games girls this punk girl who we call Honey BooBoo replied with we won yal suck......What are you kidding me? You would think her parents would of said something but nope they taught her that. 

It was so intense we were hollering and shaking talk about craziness 

Finally the under qualified ref called a foul and thankfully Maci made her shot WHOOPWHOOP
My new ref cheer: we're blind, we're deaf, so we can be a ref

Guess what we beat them and we couldn't be more happy.

We are in the Championship baby
we played Talluah they had a good ball team so I knew this would be a classy game if the refs would call it properly. But it didnt work that way we ended up with 15 fouls they only had 2. Hmmmm

It was a tied game 4/4 we had to go into overtime and needless to say the ref kept calling junk calls and they got tons of shooting fouls and they ended up winning. But we still beat UCA and brought back a trophy back to PVA. 

The end result one of the refs made a phone call to our Coach apologizing for way the ref called our game. These girls are so blessed to have a great Coach and good group of girls and a lot of fun memories.

We will now move on to JV basketball, my baby girl is growing up on me.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Vintage find equals dessert

While we were in Kansas I took a junking trip and came across this amazing pie plate along with another one and we grabber them up immediately.

When we got home Mauri who is our cheese cake lover was over the moon excited and wanted to try it out right away. She made this cheesecake all by her self. I just supervised. I love that she shares the same passion for cooking as I do. While she thinks we are just cooking together she fails to realize all of the memories we are creating.
mixing all of the ingredients together and hoping it is going to taste as good as my Aunt Sherri's homemade cheesecake.

 Maci peeking in to see how it was all going

Mauri has to lick the spatula to check and see how it is going to taste being it is a new recipe.
I couldn't believe how easy, simple, and great this thing tasted.
I see many more homemade cheesecakes in our future.

Add some cool whip, strawberries, caramel, and whatever you like on there and bam you have a little piece of heaven waiting on you.

Maci is waiting to make the strawberry pie one we got so be on the lookout for that one too.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Spence's Baby Shower

 As you know Nick's brother and his wife are having their first child and it's a boy.
His name will be Spencer Lynn and call him Spence
Above is the invitation and I have marked out the address for privacy reasons but I think it turned out super cute. Baby Spence will here the end of January or the first of February so it will not be long.
The cake was super cute and it tasted amazing I have what I call "Karen my cake lady" and if she isn't available I get so nervous because I cant find someone else that I like. Christi's sister knew a lady in and it turned out great so that a good to know incase "Karen my cake lady" isn't available any other time. It even tastes great it was strawberry on top piece and chocolate on bottom.  

After hosting showers I have found it easier and the same price to get it catered.
We served Chick fil A chicken minis, muffins, biscuits, sausage balls, fruit and dip, cheese grits, breakfast casseroles, cinnamon rolls, along with milk, apple juice, orange juice, coffee and water.


Instead of a guest book everyone signed the letter S and it will go in his nursery. 

Maci & Gracy trying to figure out all of the baby food types and diaper game

Even though the weather was storming outside it turned out great and she got so many good gifts. 

I have to mention that Alyssa just moved into their new home and I am in love with her house I want to move in and let them build another. It was gorgeous and she made use of all the space.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Daddy/Daughter Kansas Buffalo hunt

Maci has always wanted to kill a buffalo and when an item for the kids school auction was a buffalo hunt her Daddy knew he had to bid on it and try to win it for her. Sure enough he won it and she was so excited but not as much as he was to be able to give her that opportunity to experience a once in a lifetime hunt like this. It was just going to be him and her go but as the planning went along the guy informed Nick to bring the whole family there was room and just enjoy it. The little kids we on board and then off board and went back and forth until it was literally hours before we left and decided they would not be joining us.

We headed out for Kansas at 3am yes you read that right 3AM 
Yikes that was early but being that it takes about 9 hours to get there Nick wanted to get on the road.
Our guide told us about this awesome BBQ place before you get to Fort Scott for lunch.
 It was spot on kind of good.
 I feel like when it comes to BBQ places the shakier the shack is the better. 

We have arrived and waiting on out guide to let us in.

This place would be the best place to come to get away from everything.
 We had no TV and the scenery just put your soul to ease.  

While Maci and Nick went to target practice I changed into my jammies, made me a cup of coffee, and took it all in. Then the tiredness hit me so I went inside curled up on the couch and took a nap while being woke up to....

Momma I killed a buffalo
I pulled the covers back up and ignored them. They play to much.
Then she said louderr Momma wake up I really did I then opened my eyes did an eye roll and tried to drawn them out but Nick said look at the picture....That's when I hurried up off the couch in confusion because #1 you were going to target practice #2 you have only been gone for an 1.5 hours
I do recall me saying something to the effect of: How do you get so hunting lucky?
Remember her first deer here. 10 point

Maci shot twice the 1st hitting the target so perfect she knocked it off the second perfect again.
The guide was like why practice with perfect shots like this lets go hunt.
They had to go and find the buffalo and walk up to them then she picked one out she wanted and waiting for it to get just right, this took about 30 minutes due to them being heard animals they stay all on top on one another and when she would get a good shot she would turn the safety off and one would walk in front of it again. It was a process but finally she got it.
1 shot and that buffalo was down. 

Now its time to take it to the processor.
First we had to stop by the Lodge and show everyone her perfect shot.
I think those guides were still a little in shock

Getting this huge thing unloaded can be a chore being that they weigh anywhere up to 1000 pounds.

How many men did it take? well here ya go

The processor getting it ready to be processed

The processing has begun and we had to make sure they knew we were going to have it mounted and make a rug out of the rest of the hide that way they can be careful and do it correctly. 

The next morning we woke up to it snowing. It was so pretty but very cold.
Nick and Maci went to ride around and look at all the other animals on the place and while they did that I just enjoyed finishing a book. 

We decided to go into town and shop at all of their junk places and have some lunch.
I am regretting not getting this pretty little thing.
I thought I have a kitchen aide so I don't need another one.  

How cute is this little blanket for Spence

That night we went to the lodge to hang out and eat some fried quail, rabbit and jerky.
We played checkers, pool, I can not master the pool game I get so bored.

The next morning we woke up to these elk just grazing.


After packing up all of our things we headed to this diner for breakfast which was amazing then to processor and then home. While we were not there the whole week like we planned it was so much fun and made memories of a lifetime.  

Before I leave you Maci has a joke to tell:
What did the buffalo tell his son when we left to go off to college?

A bison is the proper name for a buffalo so not you get it. LoL
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