Friday, July 31, 2015

How I do it: Packing

I am a list maker so its only right for me to start with making list. I find free pintable's on Pinterest and make them my own. I found this one and loved the colors and the fact that it had boxes that can be checked off. I am currently packing for the beach. There are 4 boxes on this page so for the kids I used them for each day.
For example:
fist box= Day 1: Beach 
Swim cover
Flip flops
Night time outfit
next box: Day 2: Beach
Swim cover
Flip flops
Night time outfit
next box: Day 3: Big Kahunas waterpark
Swim cover
water shoes
Night time outfit
next box: Day 4: Beach
Swim cover
Flip flops
Night time outfit
On the next page I used the boxes for going there outfit, coming home outfit, and extras.
When its time to pack I will make a copy of the list so I have the master one and will get the copy list to the kids and they can pack and check their stuff off in the boxes. They will them bring them to the table or living room rug where the next step is to pack it up in labeled zip lock bags.

I am very visual so I typed up some labels that I could put on the gallon zip lock bags. I didn't put a day because I wanted to be able to use them when I needed them and I can now just write in the day: Day 1, Day 2 and so on. You can also keep the bags and use them on another trip since all I put in them is clean clothes. Of course I use different colors for each kid. I tend to use their favorite color.
 Mauri Laken takes after me with OCD so she gets me and my system and loves it while Maci and Rhett would rather just throw everything all into one bag. Then they each have a bag for each day then they also have a bag for swimsuits. Normally I would then place these bags into their own suitcase but since we are going to the beach I have decided to use one big bin and put everything and everyone into that one tub. I will take all these bags and then throw into the gain zip lock with their name on it. When we open the big bin they can pull their giant zip lock out and all of their stuff will be in it instead of every ones mixed up. I also bring a pop up hamper wherever I go and we pop it up throw dirty clothes into it and when we go home I will take a trash bag throw all of those clothes into the big bin then into the washer when I get home.
We can only do one page at a time so we don't get overwhelmed and get all mixed up. I find for me this is the easiest way to do it. I give them one page and when they are finished with that one page and have everything packed up in bags we can move on to the next.
 I am obsessed with my Erin Condren planner and if you want to see all about it you can read about it
here. Ive also ordered my new one and cant wait for it to come in. I write down in advance al the things I need to do in my planner and this is what it looks like.

 This is my jewelry organization, no one wants to show up all tangled

This bag is what I call my Bathroom Bag:
It stays packed all the time, the contents contain:
Shower stuff, hair stuff, blow dryer, brush, soap, teeth, deodorant, razor, you know all things involving getting ready except my makeup. 

This bra and panty hard case is a must. One side is for Bras and the other has a pocket for panties. Here is another option but I think it is soft and what I like about hard case is that I don't have to worry about the wire in my bras getting bent out of shape. {No Pun intended}

I always bring these hangers because we all know there is never enough hangers in the closet where you are staying. They are so skinny and take up such little space. These will be your best friend. 


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Fishing out at the Farm

Nick got off early one afternoon so we decided to do a little fishing on the farm with the kids.
This is my favorite farm out of all the farms we farm.
There are endless things to get into here and if I had my way I would move all the way out here and spend the rest of my time of earth  here I think it is probably the closest thing to heaven.
Some parts are clear and as you can see that dark spot in the water is a fish and the kids love seeing is swimming around and trying to catch it. 
Nick and Mauri moved to another spot and began to have a fee bites and nibbles.
There was a gar and Mauri wanted to catch it so bad even though we told her they were not a good fish to catch but she was determined.  

Catch and release is what we were doing that day due to we were not wanting to clean and fry fish that day. It is also a good lesson to teach the kids about preserving wildlife and not being wasteful. 
Another thing I am thankful for is that this picture says it all:
How many 7 year old do you know that can change bait, hooks, corks, know how to put the weight on it and how deep to put the line. Rhett is obsessed with anything outdoors and I foresee many of times like this in his future. It also comes in handy when I can pretend I don't know how to do it and tell him how awesome he is at it and then he will do mine. Well played I know

Mauri is trying to catch her a shark, she calls catfish sharks ever since she was little and saw it for the first time. Still to this day she calls them that and we still laugh.

 This 4 foot gator got hooked on Nicks line and I kind of panicked for a minute but he would spit out the line and then Nick would throw it back at him and had a blast watching him. The kids and I were in the back of the truck because we are not as brave. I yelling let him go he is going to eat you, Mauri is yelling get him daddy and make me a purse, Rhett is yelling no I need some boots and Maci is yelling she wants to fry him up so it was all blast. Needless to say we left him alone and there are several more out there and even a huge one we love to just watch them and observe.


Monday, July 20, 2015

Heatwave Cure

We woke up Saturday morning to cows in our yard that wasn't ours.
 After finding who they belonged to it took most of the morning catching them and loading them up.
It was funny at first but as soon a the heat and humidity became extreme it quickly turned from fun to torture. After tearing up our fence we finally got the bull and the 6 little ones got away.
 After being in the heat we needed to cool down and what better way to beat the heat then jumping straight into the pool. The girls went and took a dip immediately but unfortunately for the farmer and Rhett they still had water to check on and change over.
We spent the rest of the day here and I ain't mad about it

Waiting on our boys and sending them selfies

Since the beginning of summer Rhett has been going with his Daddy to the field everyday and I am a little saddened because I get to see him less. He makes every step Daddy makes and his mini me.
Each morning he has to see what his Daddy is wear and try to match him. It's precious I tell ya
This man right here
I seriously don't know how he does it: 12/15 hour days, 7 days a week in this heat.
I love him deeply and can't even begin to say enough words to express how thankful I am to have him in our lives. Not only is he a hard worker and gives 110% to whatever he does but also his brick wall heart once you break through you have his whole heart and nothing shy of it. #myBoo

Now all we need now is some of that rain we prayed away a month ago.
Life of a Farmer

Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Favorites

Just a chatting away with Chasity in our normal catching up phone call she told me about McCafe Coffee and now that is all I drink. I had to buy some to take to the beach. Usually I will just drink whatever is there but I knew after drinking this I would not be satisfied drinking any other kind.  
Growing up my Nana always seem to have a puzzle on a table somewhere and everyone who walked by it would have to stop and try to put together some pieces. Sometimes it only took a day, sometimes it took days, weeks just depending on the time we all had and who all stopped by.
While flipping through my IG feed I came across Rebecka's who I call Bec. She is my Arizona soul sister. I saw a puzzle on a wooden table and immediately all these memories of my childhood went flashing through my mind and it put such a warmth in my heart and grin on my lips. I then went to Amazon and looked for a perfect puzzle. When I came to the beach scene puzzle I knew it had to be on my table.

 Where I live:
I took this picture while waiting on Nick and the kids to come back from checking yoyos.
I am so thankful that my children are able to grow up on land with some free range. We don't have to worry about neighbors or traffic just the snakes, gators and Louisiana humidity. The get to experience first hand how to live off the land and how o take care of it. I saw my future while waiting: the kids and their friends camping out by the fire checking yoyos and chit chatting about life and I wouldn't have it any other way. They can ride 4wheelers, hunt, fish, farm and ranch while never leaving the house. It this isn't contentment I don't know what is.

 Saw that I was tagged in a picture and when I clicked on it realized it was from Maci and she had the sweetest captain: You may get on my nerves a lot but I still love you
It instantly melted my heart and made my cup run over. I love this girl so much and even though she stays on my last nerve most of the time I'm so glad I have her to be able to stay on my last nerve.

 While we were out this week we went to Books A Million and I picked up Nobody's cuter than you to add to my beach reads. I am beyond excited to get to catch up on my reading. I have started Bread & Wine last year but didn't finish it and I have been trying to save How Cancer made me a Mommy and Home is where my people are for the beach and its been killing me not to pick them up and read them now. I will do a book review after I'm finished with them.

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