Monday, October 20, 2014

#acktdoesNYC Day 3 SoHo, ChinaTown, & Little Italy

After we pay tribute we left and went around the corner to Century 21 and why don't we have one of these in our area? Everyone needs this store in their area. They have name brand things marked down at such awesome prices. Michael Kors very Hollywood perfume was only 25.00...hello yes! I will warm you that it was packed and a little well a lot frantic. They do however have an online store so that's a plus.
We hopped a cab to SoHo 

We again went to Google to find a place for lunch.
Burger & Barrel stuck out to us so we decided to go for it.
We got lucky again it was scrumptious.
I got Bison Burgers sliders 
with a side of Rigatoni "Mac" N' Cheese topped with Spinach, bacon, breadcrumbs
It was amazing now if only I could figure out how to make this

As an Alex and Ani collector I knew I had to stop in and get a NYC bracelet to add to the collection
there were 2 to choose from but I decided on this one
I also started a silver collection while I was there and scored a silver skeleton key bracelet
As watchers of Keeping up with the Kardashians we had to make a stop in DASH
As far as the store they had some outrageous priced items and some reasonable priced items. I found a pair of black skinnies but didn't have them in my size.
Georgetown Cupcakes also know as DC Cupcakes was another placed we loved.
If you watch TLC you would probably know this place.
I want to glitz up my kitchen aide mixer after seeing this.
there were so many amazing cupcakes to choose from
but I ended up going with my fave Red Velvet and a coffee frap
 I enjoyed every bite

Now onto China Town

waiting to make a purchase or purchases
my people left us.....they said they would be back

waiting for our people and getting other vendors on standby
this is so fast pace and fun I forgot some of the things on my list I was supposed to get here
I will also say we even went to some sketchy secret back room but no fear AB called her mom told her this is the address we are at and if we don't call you back in 15-20m call the cops and also she has her find my IPhone on so we had our basics covered right? I have to admit I think this was the most excitement/adrenaline I had the whole trip. Very fast paced and can be very overwhelming. 

After filling our NYC bags full and spending our cash we headed on down to Little Italy


After going back to the room calling our Boo and kidos we headed out for Dinner reservations at Delmonico's. In Vegas we love it and its the best steak we have ever eaten. But this one really wasn't that special.


Friday, October 17, 2014

#acktdoesNYC Day 3 9/11 Memorial & Museum

I think this post needs to be one all by it self and I'm sure you will agree

We started off out day by grabbing breakfast in our hotel hopped into the cab and headed to the 9/11 Memorial & Museum. He had already purchased out tickets online ahead of time so we didn't have to stand in the long line. I knew I was going to be emotional but didn't realize just how surreal it was going to be. It was so moving and I had wished we had scheduled a whole day for this. The 4 hours we spent here didn't cover all of it. I was into the museum more so than the memorial. The museum had these touching stories with each piece and it told its story.
I would advise to pay the 6 dollars and take the headphone tour so you can go at your own pace. When you get to place you simply press the place button on the device and Robert De Niro headphone tour begins.
These are the remains of the last standing columns.
As soon as you take the escalator you are hit with these and the movement starts now. You begin to put yourself into this day on that very early morning.
I think a lot of the pictures speaks for their selves

This is another place that hit me
seeing this picture of these people and knowing they must be in a panic and escaping

Then to realize that these are those stairs that let them out 


Seeing the kids and babies on this victim quilt was truly hard for us
all of these innocent people and their babies



Inside the museum you were not allowed to take pictures. That was the most touching thing of all seeing an item on display and reading or hearing their story. There were so many different stories of where they were that day or why they were there that day.
There was a silver ladies watch and the story with that was she was late for work and her husband gave it to her for their anniversary and as she began to walk into one of the twin towers she looked at her watch to see how late she was and the tower got hit. She was very lucky to had been late that day or she wouldn't of been here.
There were so many just like that and there were ones that didn't get so lucky.
You cant go to New York and not stop to pay tribute to those whose lost their lives on that horrible day.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

#acktdoesNYC Day 2 plus Kelly & Michael

As soon as the Kelly and Michael tickets were available I grabbed them as soon as I could and we were all looking forward to going. We had to be there at 7am for check in or they would give your tickets away so we were up at 5am left the hotel at 6am and made it super early it wasn't traffic like we were expecting so around 6:30am we arrived and lucky us there was a Starbucks right across the street.

After our Starbucks kicked in we were a little more awake.
The line was so crazy and wrapped around
We were in and had awesome seat I must say and those of you who are watchers saw us.
It was so crazy we had to pinch ourselves. It was one of the coolest things we did the whole trip and I will do it over and over again. They were amazing and entertained the whole crew. 

I must say I was so lucky
Lucky enough to slap hands with Jennifer so that means we are BFFs now right? Ha

The show said Blake was going to be the guest but it was pre-recorded so we missed him I was a little sad about that. But it was so much fun that I was just happy we got tickets.
It was Kelly's birthday so we had her a birthday party and this cake I must say was amazing and it tasted so good. I don't know what it all was but it was very tasty. I got the piece that's the third layer from the top of the cake. It has those chocolate round things and those Twinkie things that I have no clue what it all is but is was so good. It wasn't twinkie or macaroons but it was good lol 

We got to go backstage and saw the green room

I started reading Gone Girl before we left to go to NYC so when I found out that Emily Ratajkowski was going to be on the show I was super excited. Now if only I could have her figure.
Radio City Music Hall

After both tapings it was around 12 so we decided to grab some lunch at Rosa Mexicano. I didn't get any photos of this but it was really good and the drinks were very stout so a little goes a long way. At first I felt like instead of drinking a mango margarita I was drinking straight tequila but after a few sips it all went down smooth.
After our getting refueled we went to Radio City

Top of the Rock at 30 Rockefeller Plaza was next on our agenda for the day and it was amazing.
This is the see through elevator going up
Central Park
Empire State Building, Twin Tower, and Statue of Liberty in one viewing
It was cloudy this day but the views were still breath taking

The Rockefeller was really neat to venture into.
Who knew it was so bug and had all of these little places inside of it.
They also started flooded the Ice Skating rink and was neat to see how it all works.

Grand Central Station was a point of interest for me when planning this trip.
I only now wish we would have booked a train.
So fast pace people coming and going I only imagined where they were going and why.
I tend to read their lives and schedules in my head.

It was so pretty inside and the space was immaculate.
Grand Central we are here


 New York Public Library wasn't on our agenda but after walking by it on our way to Grand Central we all agreed we would stop in after. It was huge I have never been in a Library this big ever.
the foyer of the Library


Max Brenner was our next stop. Our legs were so tired of walking we took a cab.
Being a chocolate lover we were in heaven. I only wish I had one around here.

 Being that we had just had lunch around 2 and this was around 6 we decided we would share something. We saw this piece of heaven when we walked in and asked our waiter what the people up front were having we wanted. It was a chocolate pizza with peanut butter, marshmallows and nutella.
Say no more we are in!!! It was heavenly

After going to the room resting out little piggies calling back home and checking on everyone we headed out for Dinner. We found a place online called Blue Fin on google. We tried to do a variety every day and we haven't have sushi or seafood yet.
It didn't disappoint us at all
It was scrumptious I got tempura shrimp
Cocktail of the day was a watermelon something and it was just ok

I also ordered Californication sushi it has crab & shrimp, cucumber, avocado, mango sauce.
It was also very good. 

It was dark and had a great atmosphere going on until this bright flash

After dinner we hit up Times Square to do a little shopping.
What amazes me is that the stores doesn't close until after midnight. 
R-Lounge over looks Times Square and you can have cocktails while overlooking Times Square and people watching. I found this place on google while planning out trip. Google really did us well. This would be the place I would love to come and sit at for New Years.

then we called it a night
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