Monday, August 18, 2014

Teacher Gifts & First Day back to school

I wanted to do something for the kids teachers so I started looking on my handy Pinterst and while I was searching this is what I found and I loved it. I'm always happy to help with whatever they need. I knew this was perfect. You can go here and explore all the brilliant ideas I found. This is where the credit goes and also you will find a downloadable link so you too can print off this premade label.

free printable gift tag Back to School... love this teacher gift idea!
I downloaded the printable and printed it out then took scissors and cut them all out.
Then punched holes in them. Simple right?

While Bath and Body Works had their hand soaps for $3.00
I stocked up because you never know when you might need them. If I run out I can always pull from my stash. After seeing this I went to my stash and grabber a few.

Grabbed some ribbon tied the labels onto the soaps and did a little ribbon curling action and it was all done. After I had finished I realized I should of used our school colors for the ribbon. 

The finished product and it was all completed in about 10 minutes. 

First day of school
Here we go 2014-2015 school year.

I was a little took back and kind of saddened by what the kids told me....
They said I couldn't go in with them this year. I guess that means they think they are growing up...little do they know they will never grow up in my book.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Junior Varsity

Maci was asked to try out for the PVA JV softball team. Of course she said yes but I wasn't sure because she is only in the 6th grade and while I know it will be good for her but then do we already have so much to do. We talked about it and told her that her grades comes first and she knows that so if they drop then JV softball is over and she agreed so she went and tried out and made the team. 
We had a few games so far and so far she has done really good and seems like to me she is gaining her confidence which we are really glad to see because we all knew she has the power but lacked the confidence. The coaches are new and a husband and wife team whom both know the game.
 He set the national high school record by throwing 19 no-hitters,a record which still stands and was drafted in the second round by the Milwaukee Brewers. After 2 years he had to give it up due to shoulder injuries. She teaches pitching lessons and has her fare share of hours on the field.
She plays first and center field.
We played UCA Tuesday and while playing first base took a line drive straight into the face thank goodness she was wearing her ugly face mask because even hitting the mask it popped her jaw. So I can only imagine if she hadn't worn it. The coach makes them and I am thankful. She never told anyone or let on it hurt until after the game because she loves it so much she didn't want to have to sit out so she was fighting through the pain. It's still sore but getting better and ready for the next game.

With confidence comes hits she has been doing so good I hope I don't jinx her.


Maci had that pocket-chin down pat. Bless her heart she got her non-running from her momma. I cant run to save my life. We got it all correct and you take the candy bar out of your pocket and put it in your mouth and so it is called Pocket-chin. Now she is a beast.

As a mom I am not a fan of the hot box it makes me so nervous

Here is a small clip of Maci making an out with the help of her team mates.
They are a great group of girls.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Stitch Fix Review

 What the heck is it?

StitchFix is a girlie kind of tech/fashion startup based in the Bay Area of California. It’s just a few years old and is growing like crazy. They use a special data-driven process to hone in on the things you love most–but also pair you with a stylist whose job it is to make sure you get awesome stuff that is TRULY you. It’s designed to get better and better the longer you use it (because the more data you provide the more their system and stylists understand your tastes). You sign up, fill out their Style Profile, and then pay $20 for your fix. Your $20 is credited to your account to be used toward an item in your fix! I’d recommend filling out your style profile…it will help you figure out your style!
Is it expensive? I’m a Target shopper–will I find anything in my price-range?
You likely won’t find anything Target or Forever21 cheap. But, you get to pick how much you want the pieces to cost. I normally get things no lower than $35 and no higher than $100. There are some things I’d never pay StitchFix prices for, and then there are some things priced at a point I’m pleasantly surprised by. On my style profile I put cheapest as possible so they know I want things cheap.

You MUST be specific and honest. I was afraid to be bossy and choosy at first, and you know what that got me? Fixes that I didn’t love. Word on the street is that if you have the guts to be brave and speak your mind, it actually makes your stylist’s job easier and more fun…plus, you get better fixes. I made a specific Pinterest board for my stylist  to look at that way she knows what I am looking for.

Lets take a look at what I got:
Before I received my box I told my stylist that I was going to New York City and needed my fix to be for that. I didn't even stop to think and realize that my New York style and others are different so that's why this Stitch Fix wasn't my favorite. I know that it is my fault and have made changes and being specific about what I want for New York.
This is what it looks like when you get a knock on the door letting you know your package has arrived. I tracked it and knew I was receiving it today and  couldn't wait. 
Its wrapped all neatly like

They include style cards so it will give you some ideas of different options of what to wear it with.
I'm having a hard time being specific about my sizing when it comes to tops. Ever since post-boobs I have a problem with tops. I am a Medium but most mediums are to tight in the boobs and when I get a large it fits in boobs but big everywhere else. Of course with being under 5 feet I have a hard time find the right length. I put a size Large for tops on my style profile to be safe but after this fix I went and changed it to Medium. I feel it was to baggy and the wide shoulders makes my wide shoulders ever wider. I have the weirdest body shape ever. I am hourglass which you would think be a good thing but I have large arms so I tend to look football player. I have gained 25 pounds in the last 2-3 years and my arms and hips are where my weight goes. I am not on a diet to shred those. The pattern and colors were really cute but the cut and sizing wasn't on my side so I sent it back. This top was 48.00 and the material was a good long lasting type so had it looked great on me I would of kept it.
Settle down I would not wear this top with these Nike shorts but knew I wasn't keeping it so didn't bother finding bottoms to complete this look.

Being that I am on the top heavy side I think this dress only made it worse. I also sized my dress size as Large because if sizing in Juniors I wanted to make sure it wasn't to tight so I went back and changed my size to Medium. This dress is just frumpy on me and did nothing for my body. I want to look skinny Minnie not frumpy. I sent this dress back also and it was priced at 68.00. There again this was a hardy material that would last a long time so I would of paid this amount if it did my body good.

This sweater I thought I wasn't going to like and didn't know what I thought about the different colors but once I put it on I loved it and can you believe that it was only 28.00. Yes that's all and the material was a good one not cheap feeling or looking. I kept this one.
I feel this sweater is something I could wear casual or dress it up.

I had told them that I was looking for a pearl necklace and they sent one. I am not a fan of this tiny necklace I love gaudy and bulky. Although I am a go big or go home kind of girl so dainty is something I'm not. I did not keep this. It was 38.00

This skinny jeans I knew wasn't going to work when I looked at the length so I didn't even bother to try these on. They were mint and could of been really cute. These were priced at 58.00. The material felt really stretchy and soft.

Since I only kept the sweater and it was 28.00 and my stylist fee was 20.00 I only ended up having to pay 8.00. After this fix I changed all my info and went very detailed and specific and scheduled another fix and should be here around the 21st. So we will see how the next one goes. Being that I went into great detail this new box should be great.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Rhett was so right

Its no secret that the H5 crew are lovers of the Pioneer Woman. We DVR her shows and will all pile up and watch them pick out the ones we want to try make a list head to the grocery store and then come home and get to cooking.
Rhett watch an episode without us and all he kept talking about was how we needed to make her French Toast and it is not her old one. After hearing about this everyday for a week I pulled up the site to see what he was talking about and that's when I saw it Croissant French Toast. It looked heavenly and super easy to make. All I needed was Croissants or at least that's all I thought I needed. Once I picked them up I was ready to give them a try.
I have been playing around and trying to learn my camera off of auto so I thought I would try some different things while taking these pictures.

I got all of my ingredients out and that is when I saw that my half and half was out of date so I just used the milk I had on hand which was 2%. The only thing not pictured I used was sugar and butter to coat the flat griddle. I wanted everything in focus and was pleased how it came out. 
This is the mixture I whisked together to dip the croissant in.
I couldn't quite get the look I was going for.
I dipped the croissant that I sliced in half with a serrated bread knife into the wet mixture.
Flipped them over in it and then placed on the butter flat griddle.
I let them cook on 325 for about 3/4 minutes and just watching them cook made my mouth start to water. I love how this shot came out I was very pleased. Although my only complaint was it was shot in P mode which is basically a better version of auto.

Flip them over and let them cook for about 3 minutes or until golden brown. 

Slap some butter on this baby because we all love more butter
 This is the part that gave me the most trouble when I tried every singe mode and shot to get this picture all in focus but it didn't work for me.
Add some syrup and we are excited and ready to dig in.
Rhett was disappointed I didn't get any strawberries so put on it and Mauri wanted whip cream but that didn't stop them from chowing down and cleaning their plates.

All in all this is for the win and Rhett was right this was going to go GOOOOD!
I see many of these in our future.
The croissant to me was a lot better than using bread for the French toast I loved the flakiness od the croissant.

Have you given these are try? Did you love them as much as we did?
Camera tips or advice welcomed.

Friday, August 8, 2014

oh hey Friday

working on the home office redo
I got these prints from Etsy and framing them.
The office theme is wrapped around this.

my DIY cocktail glass
I bought my glasses at Target and vinyl from Etsy

getting outfits together for our girls NYC trip in October
I have been on Pinterest looking for some inspiration

chopped my hair off and went dark
I know this is not really dark but from platinum this is dark
I had no choice my hormones had it in a mess so I'm hoping it will grow faster and healthier
I'm going to be Honey again
The farmers brother and wife are going to be parents for the first time. EXCITED
For biological as well as honorary aunts everywhere!
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