Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New York City here we come

New York, New York, what a wonderful town

 and we are off......
Last December as we were driving to the airport for our yearly Vegas NFR trip the hubs and I were talking about all the places we would like to go and see. He wouldn't budge on New York, that's just not what he ever wants to see. Myself being a huge Home Alone fan and knows every word have always wanted to go after seeing the movie end upon end. So with this conversation I knew he wasn't ever going to take me there so I came up with the next best decision....girls trip. I called the SIL and the cousins right then and there and that's when this trip got started. We met and booked our flight and hotel back in February so its been a long time coming.  He had had meeting upon meeting figuring out everything we wanted to do and what days we were going to do what so we would have enough time to get everything in. We picked the first week in October due to it would be cool but not cold, you know the just right weather. Until I get back here is a look at our agenda

Central Park from the Sky.... by Krzysztof Hanusiak on 500px - New York - USA
 We waiting until Kelly and Michael tickets were released and grab those up.
I'm still in shock that we got tickets.
Kelly Ripa and Michael Straham seen eating cookies outside the Kelly and Michael show in New York  New York 06/06/2013

Broadway is a must and being that Wicked is very popular we knew it wouldn't disappoint
Spring in the City: As the weather heats up, we compile a list of ways for New Yorkers to spend their time. #clichemag #cliche #NYCtheater

9/11 Museum is something we hold dear to our heart and will never forget. It was on the top of all of our lists. How could you not go to NYC and not stop here. 
911 museum | World Trade Center, September 11th Memorial, 9/11 Museum, michael Arad ...
 New York Street Signs  Must go to: Financial District   Little Italy  Chinatown  Central Park  Times Square  The Jewish Museum  The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park

Top of the Rock is another hot spot we will make our way to
I heart New York.  Top of the Rock facing the Empire State Building.  Best view of the city.
and there are so many more
This is 3 out of the 4 girls first time. I have never been and I know this is going to be a fun filled trip I will never forget with a great group of girls.

Pinterest was the first place I went to. You can take a look here for some of the outfit looks I went for and here for our girls trip board ideas.
Thank you to all of your recommendations, emails, and opinions it was a big help.

Friday, September 19, 2014

How I do it: School Routine & Organization

Being that my motto I have instilled into my children is that everything should have a place and if not it needs to go into the trash can or give away bin. My kids grew up with stations or bins. Everything has a station or bin and that's where it goes as to that's where you can find it every single time. When Maci was the only one in school it wasn't so bad with her school stuff but when all three were in school that means 3 of each backpacks, 3 lunch boxes, 3 folders, 3 uniform bins, 3 school shoes, and 3 homework and papers to check. It was like a train wreck everyday when the kids would come in so I knew I had to create a school station. I took a section in our home office and created a functional area that worked for us.
The kids are so proud of their work and art stuff that it was all over the fridge and every where and I cant stand a clutter fridge it makes me freak out and I get moody when I see clutter. I would always look at their stuff compliment them and into the trash they went because it didn't have a place and you know my rule. Plus if I saved them do you really think they are going to want them one day...No. Or at least I don't want my old stuff so I'm guessing my kids don't either. I will have to say I do have a keep sake bin in the storage building and I will pick out a few things and throw in there. I knew I had to make a place or bin for their stuff so I went to Pinterest and this is what I came up with. I also hung a wrack they could hang their backpacks on with a rug underneath for their shoes. Because in the morning the last thing I want to deal with is finding shoes or backpacks.

I tried to hang their lunch boxes on the hooks also but it looked to cluttered and yal know I cant do clutter. Hmmm what can I do with their lunch boxes. I haven't really found anything yet so this is where they go for right now or until I find something that I like.
I also created a place where they could put reminders, lunch menus, or anything they needed for school. I don't have time to deal with seeing who is bringing lunch and who isn't so I created a system for this. I  ordered the Erin Condren monthly calendar and Erin Condren personalized stickers that I color coded and labeled each child with Maci Lunch in purple, Mauri Lunch in pink, and Rhett Lunch in blue. I let the kids pick their color so they would be happy. We get a monthly lunch calendar and on the days they plan on bringing their lunch they can place their sticker on that day. So in the mornings or night before they can look at the calendar and see if they need a lunch or not.

The kids have to wear uniforms which I love and makes getting dressed so easy. Each child has a dresser drawer or bin in their closet that they put their uniforms in. By doing this I never have to hear where are my uniform clothes because they are exactly where they always are. Although I do hear a few times out of the year I don't have any uniform shorts or uniform shirts. Then the arguments go to "if you put your dirty clothes into the laundry room then you would have clean clothes but since you didn't bother to bring your dirty clothes basket into the laundry room then I'm sorry but it looks like you are going to have to wear dirty clothes today." After a few times of doing this they learned real quick that Momma don't play. I don't empty their dirty clothes bin for them that is on their chore chart and even though it discuss and kills me to make them wear a dirty shirt or pants to school and wondered that their teacher is going to think I'm so nasty I've  got to prove my point or my system will not work.
 I broke Mauri's glass so Ill have to replace it.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

living in the car and being thankful

These days we spend more time in my car then we do anywhere else. We have been running the roads from Maci softball practice, to Mauri and Maci cheer practice, Maci softball game, girls cheering at pep-rallys, to cheering at football games, to Maci and Mauri gymnastics, Rhett's flag football sign ups, hair cuts, dentist apt, and orthodontist apt for Maci, its brutal and but I wouldn't take it any other way. I was so exhausted and getting a little aggravated every time I had to stop what I'm doing at home and jump in the car to go somewhere. I just wanted to be at home and be able to finish one thing I started with the house work. I would often call my mom and ask her how did she do it working and never missing anything all us kids were doing. My car has turned into a homework desk, studying station, dinning room table, movie theater, beauty shop, makeup vanity, and plenty more. I can almost promise you that my gas bill for my car is more than my electric bill for our house. I was starting to let it effect my life and who I came in contact with my mood because all I want to do is be at home and get my home in order. I starting to get to my breaking point...
Then I saw on IG the link to Ian & Larissa Murphy you tube story that has changed my life forever. Take a look:

I then immediately with tears rolling down my face went and ordered their book. I went through their book in a day I couldn't put it down nor could I take away a conviction in my heart. That's when I said to myself I've got it all wrong and I knew Jesus was using this as a tool to convict me and help me change my ways. I have lost my best friend so I know how precious life is but it still didn't change me like this.
As a mom we often loose sight of the joy and how precious just having healthy kids can be. I had to take a long hard look into my life as see the things that I was starting to resent and irritate me and let to just see how I am taking all these things for granted. I know I should see this already and there are a million other stories out there but this one touched me in a way that I am starting to see the world differently. My marriage, kids, family, friendships, and my life needed a make over. In the book how she talked about before the accident when she was asked what she loved most about Ian was now changed and reading that part in the book made my appreciation and thankfulness for my husband change. Where I never thanked Jesus for his health or walking up to me and wrapping his arms around me, driving me and the kids to where ever it was normally thanking him for a man who loves us the way he does and his huge heart, his driven personality, and cute butt, you see where I'm going with this. Strangers I would never say hi or ask how are you doing because I thought I don't know you so its not like I care. Which is cruel, I should care I should take the time out to say hi, smile, and even small talk. We all have a story to tell. I've been in such a hurry and rush I have been missing out on enjoying life. All this time I am checked out and moody because I had to stop doing laundry to take the kids somewhere I could be thanking him for my ability to be able to drive, to take care of my kids, to pack their bags, wash their uniforms and hang them to dry because they cant be dried, listening to them gripe to each other because they are tired or in a funky mood, them spilling tea all over the floor after I just mopped due to them doing it all by their self, every time I mop I know someone is going to spill something now I smile because they are able to pour that drink, open that yogurt, cut that popsicle, squirt that chocolate for their milk, or walking on a sticky floor because instead of getting a wet rag they used a dry paper towel. I think one of my biggest complaints regarding my husband was parking his muddy truck on our concrete and then the mud falls off and sticks to the concrete to when I blow off the concrete it wont budge because its stuck. I would have to get a shovel and bust it up then blow it off. To me it was a chore now it is a privilege. Don't get me worn I still have my moments when I'm like ok I'm done but then I go back to Ian and Larissa and I realize how lucky I am. My kids have chores that they do and because I am serve OCD I want them done right I had to examine what is right? My way doesn't make it right, letting them do them their way and instead of having a panic attack I turn my panic into thankfulness. Why am I so obsessed with perfection instead of gratitude? Why cant I enjoy these moments instead of being so mentally checked out to comprehend that walking, driving, getting dressed, chores, yelling at the kids, making meals, grocery shopping, pumping gas, mowing the yard, listening to ramblings of everyday, slow driving people, fixing my coffee and heading to the fridge to only realize that after opening it that we have no milk so now I have to pour out my coffee down the sink and wash what I thought was my morning cup of wake me up. At this point in our life we are the busiest I think we have ever been and its taking a toll on me but now I embrace the craziness.

Friday, September 12, 2014

oh hey Friday

5 Things// Birthday Wish list
It's my month so I'm filling up my wish list
1//  Kendra Scott Rayne Turquoise necklace
I love all things Kendra Scott but this teal necklace just screams my name. I am also loving the hot pink one and the black one too.
Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace in Turquoise
2.  Alex and Ani Bracelets
My Alex and Ani collections can never have enough. I am so obsessed with these bracelets and love how they all come together

alex and ani bracelet..these are going to be my next purchase!!!!!

I am loving these nude shoes and all of the straps just make me love them even more.
Kristen had a brain for fashion I give her that as she is one of my favorite style inspiration but when it comes to her knowledge of beef she lacks it.
 Chinese Laundry Kristin Cavallari - Lark

 4. Heys 3-piece Hardside Spinner Luggage set
How cute is this? I can see many trips of me rolling this and could pick out my luggage from a mile away. Who doesn't love leopard
Leopard print luggage :)

5. Fresh Flowers
because who doesn't love a house filled with fresh flowers

Flower-Arranging Ideas


Sunday, September 7, 2014

a piece of our whirl wind

I have been back working out doing cardio 3 days a week and 5 days a week doing Jamie Eason live fit. Its been rough starting over but I know it will be rewarding. If I could ever get my hips smaller I would be in love I'm not happy about having Kim Kardashian's hips.
I brought my 2 favorite boys in the whole wide world some lunch and a few goodies I put together just for them. With a little sweet note to let them know I love everything about them. I cant believe how Rhett can stay out there 12/15 hour days. He just loves it like his Daddy. 

Following the PVA bus to and from softball games, getting in way past our bedtime on school nights, and playing far away thinking this is my life for the next 12 years. We can honestly say we live more in our Yukon xl than our house. I am thankful for the opportunity we have been given to be able to stay at home with our kids so I am able to make it to all of their activities.
Varsity football games with friends while cheering on our Spartans.

Maci had her first dance.
It was a D.A.R.E dance and the girls had a blast. It wasn't that many boys they were all dove hunting.

Put make up on and got for the first time in about 2 weeks maybe 3.
Making my week and life easier by menu planning and preparing for another hectic week of cheerleading, pep-rally's, football games and softball games then throw in gymnastics.

I cant quit listening to the jam.
My Boo sent me a text message that read you are my only girl and this has been playing on the beats pill ever since. I even tried to workout with it.

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