Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Sunday 2014


The kids went to bed early I don't know it its because they were so tired from playing hard that day or if it was due to the Easter bunny coming but they were all asleep by 9 o'clock.  Once the kids were asleep the Easter Bunny came to the house and filled their baskets up with goodies. The kids were up at already into their baskets before we even got up. With the kids being older we were ok with it.

Maci's basket was filled with a softball headband, Jesus Calling devotional, 50 Things every Young Lady should know, nail polishes, a new bat, and fun candy.  

Mauri's basket was filled with the last set of Junie B. Jones books, softball head band, nail polishes, colored bobby pins, a pig chi pet, and a new bat. 

Rhett's basket was filled with a WWE belt, black eye for his baseball games, cow chi pet, sunflower seeds which he goes through them all the time, bubbles, a new baseball bat and candy.
Family Easter picture right after church

After church we came home changed into some comfortable clothes and went to Nick's mamaws for lunch and to have Easter over there. Then we came home and the kids played outside while the Farmer took a nap and I watched a few Sons of Anarchy episodes and worked on blog post. All in all it was a good fun and busy Easter but wouldn't want it any other way.

Hope yal had a wonderful Easter!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014 part 1

 The Saturday before Easter my Momma Lou and Daddy Bob always has a big Easter lunch and Egg hunt. That's my dad parents and he has 5 siblings. They each have 2-3 kids and now some of us has kids so its a big family gathering and I love it. The Nicholson family Easter contains lots and lots of the best food, tons of cousins, lots of story telling followed by even more laughter. Its starts with my papaw, Daddy Bob saying the prayer (its not a hurry up and same ole same ole prayer its a preachin prayer). The rules are the kids fix their plates and eat first then its help your self. Sometimes there is a pushing and shoving fight over line breaking. Its all in good fun though.
Its finally dry after all this rain we have gotten so Nick needed to stay and work in the field to get caught up planting. Its our lively hood and that's one of those things farmers have no choice but to do. Its all a gable so you have get to get it while you can. I've been slacking on family pictures so I made my non photographer Mom try and take a pic of the kids and I. My niece Piper wanted in and this Aunt never say No to her. She calls me Honey and I love that little girl and her brother like crazy. Beau was sick so my Sister n Law was at home with him. Hopes he get to feeling better.  

With all the cold temps, cloudy rainy days none of us was used to this sunshine.
All the great grandkids ready to find them some eggs. 
Rhett was on the hunt and he filled his basket full
My cousin Josh being the road bouncer. He had to keep the kids off the road

Piper took her time and opened each egg to see what kind of candy was in it
Rhett trying to look for the prize Egg
Trying to remember where they put the prize egg...hmmmm

The brawl is on, kids are running wild and free trying to get as many eggs as they can
Piper filled her bucket it
Mauri Laken filled hers as well

Momma Lou and Daddy Bob with the Great Grandkids minus 1

 Katy and I
Her mom and my dad are brother and sister.
She has 2 brothers I have 2 brothers we don't have a sister and have always been close as sisters.

Now we ready for the Easter Bunny

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Happy 12th Birthday Maci LeighAnn

Your first birthday:
you were bald and had no teeth until you were 16 months old
you loved this little car and enjoyed being pushed around the Zoo in it

You finally got teeth
You were 18 months old and this dress was made from my wedding dress.
The band at the chest is from the band of my waist on my dress and the rest of the dress was made out of my train from the dress. We used the buttons from the back of my dress for the buttons on the back of your dress. It was so hard trying to get you to stay still for these pictures you wanted to walk

A lot of BIG milestones happened for you this year
You got Baptized
You also changed from a girl to a young lady

You got braces
you sometimes wear a little makeup and had your first MAC makeover


 You have your people... the Fab4
Yall are always together and attached 

 You had your first crush//boyfriend

You were also a Cheerleader for PVA and did and excellent job
you loved it and it fit you perfect
you stood out and wasn't afraid to take the lead and be a leader when needed

We can't believe 12 years has flew by. It is bittersweet because We love you little and don't want you to be grown up but I know that in order to fulfill the circle of life you have to get older. I am so very proud of the young lady you have became and cant wait to see the young woman you become. You are our social butterfly and love to hug and say hello and welcome everyone. Your siblings love you so much and look up to everything you do. We love seeing that you don't mind helping with your brother and sister and the closeness yal share. You are the glue and always seeing every side first. Your heart is so tender and you are very caring and care a lot about what others think or feel. We are so blessed that God has chosen us to be your parents. You have shown us that we have more love than we would have ever imagined. We love you so very much and hope you have an awesome 12th Birthday BabyGirl


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Things are Changing...making a Move

Ever since having to get a brand for our cattle I have fell in love with our brand name H5. Its our little family and I wanted to make my blog H5 due to that's most of what goes on the blog. Its mostly about our family and I thought how fitting would H5 Happenings be. I've also got fancy and now have a domain so here it is H5 Happenings. This will be a space that will be a digital scrapbook of our journey through life on the H5 Ranch. The kids are getting older and I have a space Kids Korner so if the kids want to write they can.
I have been lacking in the blogging and I knew this was coming so I just kept telling my self once the change is made then  I will blog. I have so much to play catch up on so if you see that on Instagram these things happened a while back sorry I'm just playing catch up and would like to make a post about our journey.
There are so many things I don't want to ever forget and just looking back at what we have been through thus far makes me want to keep up to date more. My kids are no longer small and before I know it they will be grown and the farmer and I will be a lonely hot mess. We love our chickens right under us well most of the time anyway. I am going to be sharing everything that is going with the H5. From recipes we love, products we cant live without, places we venture to, fashion we love, sports we are always doing, and people we love. I mean it when I say we don't want to miss a thing. Years from now when I look back I want to know every single detail.
I have met so many wonderful people through blogging and I love seeing how others live, dress, homes, shop, tips, finds, their special memories, watching their children grow, and everything I love seeing into all my blogging friends lives. I mean lets face it I find out about the deals going on and whats hot or not, the hippest products of the market and so much more.

I couldn't have done this without the help of my good friend Tiffany she is a fabulous designer and has walked me through everything going from BlogSpot to a URL. I'm not tech savy so she has made this change easy as I was nervous. If you need anything on the graphic design area she is your girl.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

PeeWee Softball

Our school has a PeeWee baseball and softball team that insists of 3rd-6th grade. This year we had a 3/4 team and a 5/6 team. Mauri is in 2nd grade and was asked to play to make enough players to form both teams. Of course Mauri said yes and was beyond excited. She is coming from T-ball so she was new to the whole pitching but caught on and by the first game she was a hitter. We played Saturdays in Rayville, Vicksburg, and Tallulah. So with both girls playing and their 3 games a piece we would be there from 8am to 6pm. If we didn't love it then it would be a bummer but we love watching it so I would rather be there than at the house. 

Maci has got hit more that she has had the opportunity to hit the ball and if she wasn't hit she was walked. She was disappointed that she was only able to get a few hits in. This is her second year playing peewee ball and she loves it.
When these girls showed up to play she played amazing and would win and have a great lead but it seems like they just couldn't get it together in the end.

She played second base this year. She caught some good pop fly's. 

At the end of the season they have a tournament and who ever is number 1 in the season is #1 seed and so on and so on. It was a crazy week this week. The tournament started Thursday, so Maci's team played Thursday and then we had to play Friday and we won that one so we advanced to Saturdays bracket and we won our first game Saturday so all we needed to do was win one more game and we would be in the championship game. We couldn't get it together that game and we lost but all in all I am so proud of these girls.

Mauri ended up getting the hang of pitch hitting instead of a tball and in the first game she hit every single time she was up to bat and would get triples and doubles along with some singles and she has been on a roll ever since. Its crazy because some of the rest of them were like Mauri and at practice having trouble but they all ended up being hitters and I can say every single girl on our team can hit the ball and get on base. Our Coach's motto is "Girls if we hit the ball we win" and that's what they do and it shows because we have won every single game but 1. Some of the girls on our team even got homeruns.

 Our Coaches worked on running all the way through the bag and if they wouldn't run through it he would make them run a lap and when it came to game time we were glad because our girls ran and did amazing.
I am so glad my kids took after their Daddy when it comes to running because I can't run.

Mauri Laken on the run she loved when she could keep on going.
Yes third base wasn't on the 3/4th grade this team had 5th graders and we beat them whoopwhoop

Mauri also played second base and loved it. She would hustle and get the ball then throw to first to make an out. She loved playing a new position. She has always played first and pitcher.

Mauri Laken won all of their games so now the moved on to the Championship game. The funniest thing about this is that her cousin goes to another school and is in the same PeeWee ball schedule and we all figured that it would come down to her and Mauri in the Championship game. Well what do you know it came down to it.
Our girls so excited to be moving on to the Championship game

The game was the best game all year not because it was the Championship game but because of the way it went down and it was so close and exciting. we play 5innings. It started out and in the first inning we were down 6-2 but after that we got our stuff together and before we knew it we were up 14-6 then in the 4th inning they started to catch up and in the bottom of the 5th it was 14-12. They had last bat so we were so nervous and it ended up being 14-15. We lost but it was so close and we played a good game.
Mauri and her cousin Elizabeth after the game congratulating each other.

Coach Nelson, Coach Kevin, and Mauri Laken 
They got runner-up 2nd place and we couldn't be more proud 

Mamaw had to cheer on both of her precious grandbabies in the game. She was divided lol

 These girls and Coaches had an awesome year and I know Mauri Laken will never forget her first year as a Lady Spartan.

Also that day our PVA boys were playing and when we didn't have a game we would watch the boys. Our little boys lost out that morning but the 5/6 boys won and it came down to the last game but they couldn't pull it through. They ended up coming in second place.
Maci and Mason after the Championship game

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