Wednesday, October 22, 2014

#acktdoesNYC our last day

We woke up to a drizzly dreary day but that wasn't going to stop us. With a 5$ umbrella we went on our way. We started on Times Square to do some shopping. Their forever21 was 4 stories and organized and the workers were so helpful I wish our Forever21 was like that. If so I would actually like going to ours.

We stopped in Buddy's Bakery 

I wish I could of taken one of the scrumptious cakes back home with me. 

Took 40 million pictures at the Starbuck on their Starbucks cam.
We couldn't figure out where to stand or when it was going to take the picture. 

This is where the ball drop on New Years Eve.

Trying to take a group selfie and realizing we should of bought a selfie stick so we could properly take a better selfie. 

My kids would love their toys r us
It was also 4 stories

Guy's American Kitchen & Bar is what we hit up for lunch and it was so good. 

Does this look yummy or what
It def was one of the best burgers around

Resting my piglets before walking the Brooklyn Bridge

We here Brooklyn

 On the bridge overlooking the traffic

Even though we were to full from lunch and couldn't try Waffles & Dings I still got a picture. 

Wall Street
The Bull is what I wanted to see while in New York 

Then we headed over to Battery Park to take a peek at the Boss Lady herself

That night we made a quick change headed out to Broadway
We all knew we wanted to see wicked
I was worried how I would do I am not a singing play kind of person.
If they would just talk I could of taken it better but all that damn singing I was checked out after hour number 2.

 Our Dinner reservation at Carmines was at 10:30pm so while I was checked out of Wicked and didn't realize it was over a 3 hour play Tiff and I headed to Carmines to grab our table while the other 2 stayed and finished.

Its now 11:30pm and we are like OMG how do people eat this late?
Its so packed glad we had our reservation.
This place was highly recommended and I now know why.

Their food is served family style so one plate will feed 4/5 people.
This food so amazing but sadley we couldn't eat all of it. 

Now it is around 1am and we had to pack up to head back home. This trip was so much fun and I am now counting my days until I can come back. I love this place!


Monday, October 20, 2014

#acktdoesNYC Day 3 SoHo, ChinaTown, & Little Italy

After we pay tribute we left and went around the corner to Century 21 and why don't we have one of these in our area? Everyone needs this store in their area. They have name brand things marked down at such awesome prices. Michael Kors very Hollywood perfume was only 25.00...hello yes! I will warm you that it was packed and a little well a lot frantic. They do however have an online store so that's a plus.
We hopped a cab to SoHo 

We again went to Google to find a place for lunch.
Burger & Barrel stuck out to us so we decided to go for it.
We got lucky again it was scrumptious.
I got Bison Burgers sliders 
with a side of Rigatoni "Mac" N' Cheese topped with Spinach, bacon, breadcrumbs
It was amazing now if only I could figure out how to make this

As an Alex and Ani collector I knew I had to stop in and get a NYC bracelet to add to the collection
there were 2 to choose from but I decided on this one
I also started a silver collection while I was there and scored a silver skeleton key bracelet
As watchers of Keeping up with the Kardashians we had to make a stop in DASH
As far as the store they had some outrageous priced items and some reasonable priced items. I found a pair of black skinnies but didn't have them in my size.
Georgetown Cupcakes also know as DC Cupcakes was another placed we loved.
If you watch TLC you would probably know this place.
I want to glitz up my kitchen aide mixer after seeing this.
there were so many amazing cupcakes to choose from
but I ended up going with my fave Red Velvet and a coffee frap
 I enjoyed every bite

Now onto China Town

waiting to make a purchase or purchases
my people left us.....they said they would be back

waiting for our people and getting other vendors on standby
this is so fast pace and fun I forgot some of the things on my list I was supposed to get here
I will also say we even went to some sketchy secret back room but no fear AB called her mom told her this is the address we are at and if we don't call you back in 15-20m call the cops and also she has her find my IPhone on so we had our basics covered right? I have to admit I think this was the most excitement/adrenaline I had the whole trip. Very fast paced and can be very overwhelming. 

After filling our NYC bags full and spending our cash we headed on down to Little Italy


After going back to the room calling our Boo and kidos we headed out for Dinner reservations at Delmonico's. In Vegas we love it and its the best steak we have ever eaten. But this one really wasn't that special.

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