Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Daddy does UT

We all know how much the Mr loves UT and he bleeds orange. His gang sign of choice is hookem. You can see him sporting his Longhorn stuff here, here, and here. There are so many but just to give a few. We knew that we wanted to do something different this year as far as vacation we have been going to Destin every year for 13 years in the summer and wanted to change it up a bit. We knew we wanted to float the Guadalupe River and do some more things in that area so as soon as it rained we packed our bags and headed out.
We couldn't close to Austin without making a little detour on over to UT. The kids got to see where we have them planned for college. Although we know it will be their decision we figured we could give a little encouragement.

When we took the kids to see the football stadium they were hosting a football camp so lucky for us it was open. We talked to the security guard and told him that we were not here for the camp but a big fan and was wanting the kids to see where they would be attending, he told us to go ahead.
as you can see my boys are taking it all in

H5 crew enjoying being able to share and experience this as a family.
I loved seeing how happy Nick was and it melted my heart seeing him in his element and taking it all in. He has been a fan forever but with harvest in the fall college football is hard to attend so this was a great way for him to experience it. Hopefully one day it will all work out and can attend a game here. 
While football camp was going on without getting in the way we took a few pictures on the field and everyone was so nice about it and encouraged it. They didn't have a problem with us taking advantage of every moment. When you attend a game you are not allowed in certain areas and certainly not on the field flipping, cheering, and playing in the turf.
Daddy and his girls
Maci still says she will be attending LSU so unless she changes her mind and we all know that she has time to change it a million times she will not be hookem alumni. Even though we kid a lot about where she can and cant go we just encourage her to make the choice that is going to make her the happiest.
Mauri practicing her cheerleading.
She kept saying this is where I'm going to cheer at. She flipped and cheered all on this field.
I think Santa needs to bring her this cheerleader set.
Rhett couldn't understand that he couldn't go play football with them that this was a camp and they were practicing not playing for fun. Then he was upset that the fan shop was closed so he was not a happy camper from then on and didn't want to take part in any pictures or anything other than pouting. He wanted a longhorn football and wasn't going to be happy until he got one. We tried to explain that when we got home we would order him one from Fanatics. But I cant come back and throw it with them I want to play with them he kept saying.
Hookem Horns

We love us some Colt McCoy and we got to see his name on the wall

This was waiting on us when we got back to the car. Really?
I guess no matter how old you are and how much stuff changes it doesn't really change, still giving parking tickets.

Now that we are home and settled I can order Rhett a new football jersey he has worn his for 2 years and it is now to small. With football season coming up I'm thinking its time to get everyone ready

We have Ugly Christmas Sweater parties we attend and Nick isn't a bug fan of wearing one but with this Longhorn Sweater I think he will wear it proudly. Did you know that they also carry swim trunks? I'm thinking these will fit great into Nicks stocking for Christmas. I got him these pj pants last year and he loves them. I'm loving this Polo style UT shirt for him also.

Not only do they have college stuff they also carry any kind of sports team you like. I am a Jeter lover #2 I'm going to hate to see you go. I bought Rhett his first hat and it was a Yankees hat. That same year they won the world series in 2009. I remember it like it was yesterday.  If you are like me and a Jeter fan you better grab this, this, and my favorite Captain.

Nick: Longhorn, New Orleans Saints, Texas Rangers
Me: Alabama, New Orleans Saints but I also go where my boy Peyton Manning goes so currently Broncos, and of course the New York Yankees
Maci: LSU, Saints, Rangers
Mauri: Longhorns, Saints, Rangers
Rhett: Longhorns, Saints, Yankees {he is a Jeter fan like his mom} and Rangers

Our family comes together with sports we all bond over watching, talking or going to them. Even though we all don't agree on teams we all come together and create tons of long lasting memories. My kids still talk about the Saints game, Texas rangers game and I know they will cherish the UT tour also.

Don't forget to stop by Fanatics and get your sports needs. You will be surprised at what all they carry and what all you will find.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Meal Planning and Grillin & Chillin

I've heard of this a lot but never tried it and I'm thinking this will be something the kids will love

Taco Bar
We try and get in a Taco Tuesday or Mexican Monday each week being we are Mexican food lovers.
I love doing different kinds of bars and with all 5 of us liking different things a bar is a great way for everyone to fix it how they like it. Its also fun and kind of feels like a party.
Chicken, Cream Cheese and Bacon....need I say more?

I'm so picky when it comes to fish. I do not like or eat fish except for fried white perch. Until while we were at the beach and for some strange reason I wanted Mahi Mahi a table beside us got it and it looked so good I had to. The hubs kept asking are you sure? You know how you are and what if you don't like it? When it came out and I took the first bite I was hooked. Pun intended
Then the next night I order Amberjack and fell in love with that too. So not I will eat Amberjack, Mahi Mahi, and white perch but other than that I cant do others.
Add some grilled veggies and its like heaven at our house.

I want to do different kinds of Pizza from a few recipes out of my new Pizza cookbook
I'm not sure which ones yet but will do a post on this.
This is a new for me to make a homade Pizza.
Fancy Ashley makes it looks so delish, easy, and fun.

In the summer the weekends means Grillin & Chillin to us.
I love a good fall of the bone Rib, that to me is food heaven.
In July the farmer will start being partially off on the weekends meaning being after the check water they are off so usually around 10am. We will prepare what we are going to grill, get it all ready and the fixing we are going to have with it. Then we hang around the pool, do a little grillin, chillin, and just have lots of fun making the most of the weekend. Until we got a Traeger Grill I wanted no part in the grilling. Traeger just makes it so easy that anyone can do it and less hassle of gas or charcoal.
Simple Smoked Ribs - Traeger Grill Recipes
 Here is a look at my meal plan for this week. a few favorites  mixed with a few newbies. I love trying new recipes and being able to bring something different to the table. Some we love and add them to the rotation and some we choose never to make again.  Meal planning makes me spend less money at the grocery store and helps me have a more prepared week. Why don't I choose to do this weekly? I'm going to have to bring back this habit.


Friday, July 18, 2014

Epic Fail

Using my camera in manual mode: I consider this time a failure and all I've got to say is
A. I'm either doing something wrong
B. They lied

I mean I don't know why it seems so simple and while all these cheat sheets you would think it would be simple. I used some of the tricks they said to do I put the ISO on 400 due to it being cloudy and take a look at my manual pic
I changed the ISO to who knows what and the best I got was these two pictures so I said screw it
 and took a picture in auto to see what it looked like.

This is in auto
Ok what did I do wrong? I mean I just don't get it

 I decided to give it another try......and again it doesn't work
At this point I'm trying to keep from chunking my camera to the ground or throwing it in the pond.
I keep repeating: They lied they said that sunny you put it on 400 to 600 for cloudy and low light

I went back to normal to see if my camera was broke but nope
It takes just fine in auto

I told my self one more time
I read everything again and I did what it said and booom looks like failure again.
I played with functions and just took pics and I couldn't figure out how to get my white balance to move to the middle instead of the right side

Looks like I am right back at the drawing board and will have to go and study more.
What the hell am I doing wrong?


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Work Out Wednesday

New Guidelines for Exercise (from The American Heart Association and the American College of Sports Medicine)
This has been my mind set lately until last week when I decided to get back at it.
I worked out so hard Monday and Tuesday at the gym and on Wednesday I got up and could barely move and thinking about having to sit on the toilet to pee terrified me because I knew I had that hurt coming. It was a good hurt because I know if I wasn't sore then I didn't put in the work. Lets face it I haven't been since February. Monday I did fasted cardio...Couch25k and I was just not getting it I wanted to quit it was hard and I didn't like it I couldn't get into my running and then all of a sudden I hear "You're love never fails, never gives up, never RUNS out on me" and then it was on. I was into it and getting it with ease. My mind set was set to BRING IT!
After that this needless to say it was a good day

Tuesday was leg day and my arms were sore from Mondays arm day so I was in a mind set of here we go I'm back after a long time off I'm back.

Now back to Wednesday there was no way I could run my couch25k I could barely move. I thought maybe I came back a little to strong I should have remember I needed to go back to the beginning when heavy weights was something I couldn't do. I decided to not go to the gym but go bike riding with the kids on a gravel road which isn't easy. I thought that would work out my soreness I didn't want to not work it out and then suffer from stiffness. I also watched what I ate even though I didn't make it back to the gym the rest of the week. I am back at the gym and getting back into the groove. I know when school starts it will be easier due to the kids being in school and in a routine.

On a bright note I did loose 2.5 pounds. Hellz yeah Bishes!!!!  I'm sure its water weight but I will take it. I know that each week I will not loose this much so I'm making the choice not to get my hopes up.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Momma's got a new Man in her life his name is Louis

I've been wanting the Damier Azur neverfull for forever. I have the monogram neverfull and have been carrying it for 3 1/2 years now I thought it was perfect timing for an updated one. I'm in love with the tote style of the bag and the very thin straps make it a breeze to carry. I was hooked on LV way back in August 2003 while watching Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey on newly weds she carried a colorful bag that I loved and had to know more about it so I did a little digging on google and found it. We went to New Orleans that following December and I knew I had to get a speedy then from that the Galleria and now I'm stuck on Neverfulls.
I thought that while I was in New York in October I would get it then.
The Farmer has always said I'm going to get that for you for ....... (so many things) and he never did. Then he would laugh and say well I will get you that bag you want for you and never did. So I became a little of a joke when we would say something about the purse I would say yeah yea. There is this one pillow we have that we fight over every night. I have looked everywhere and cant find another one like it. But its my fault because if I wouldn't have ripped off the tags I would know what kind and could find one. So while we were fighting over this pillow he said I'm getting you that purse so I think its only fair for me to get the pillow, I then replied with my usual yeah yeah. Let me remind you that every time the Farmer wants his way he says that and laughs not with just the pillow but with everything so I never believe him but its been our joke and sometimes it works and sometimes it don't. This had been going on since 2 summers ago when I first wanted the purse. But little to my surprise I got home from Mauri's softball game the next day to find this....
I'm always ordering off the internet so I thought its one of my packages and he is making me think crazy. I did an eye roll and a quick NYC is only 3 months away it will be in my hands in 3 months. Then started to open the box thinking it was going to be my Erin Condren  stickers and desk pad. 

I noticed the box was already cut opened so I then looked and the name on the outside and it said Nicholas Herrington and then it was like the angels started to sing I was finally getting my bag he has said a trillion times he was getting me. I was actually in a state of shock it wasn't a joke anymore. 
 I'm in love with a new man again and his name is still Louie
Since I've got my Monogram neverfull they have added a little extra with it and I love it 

 Now all I need is somewhere to go so I can carry Louie with me.
Although I've toted him up and down the hall a few times just to make sure and like I knew he would be is Perfect. But what I come to realize that this isn't really about the bag, while I love love love the bag its about that my sweet man of mine thinks I'm worth it. He gets my love language.

With Daddy-O doing so well with his gift giving I thought that it was only fair that I repaid the favor so this is what he will be coming home to tonight.

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