Friday, January 24, 2014

5 on Friday

I love Pintables and I found this cute idea on Pinterest and I think this little project is a cute and easy way to add a little Valentines d├ęcor
Scripture Valentine FREE Printable @
I went to a little old junk place in Marion called Little bit if Everything and I found this old rustic looking table that I knew had to go home with me for my Entrance area.
We are doing family picture in May in the cow pasture and then I plan to make a wall collage above the table using pictures and odds and ins that represents our life.
I will post a picture once finished. Hubs mamaw had old lanterns that I got and I set one on the table and it looks like it is starting to come together. I also added hubs papaws rooster
I am extremely picky over my Mascara so I want the best and that where I spend my extra makeup money and its worth every penny of it. I didn't even think about doing a before and after so I found this picture on pinterest. You will not be disappointed
I just wished I had these eyebrows please tell me how to get them
#ShareIG I am so impressed by this "Better Than Sex" mascara from @Too Faced Cosmetics! It took them 3 years to develop it and it was def worth the wait! Trust me, you need this one!
Scandal: February 27 Season 3 Episode 11
I am now hooked
I just started watching so I had to catch up on Netflix and Apple iTunes
Why cant I look as classy and tiny as Olivia Pope
 Scandal Season 3.jpg

Its Friday need I say more?
No homework, No bedtime schedule

ecard Thank god I'm Fabulous... umm, no. Thank goodness I'm Female.. uhh that's not right... That girl is funny... no, wait.  Thank God it's Friday! TGIF Happy Friday!!

Have a great a low key weekend peeps


  1. Hi from the linkup, beautiful!!!! Just started following your cutiepie self on GFC, YAY! That is the best V-Day printable ever! LOVE IT! Adore it!!! And that e-card at the bottom made me giggle. :) Hope you have a happy weekend, love! xx

  2. Love that printable!! So cute & perfect!

  3. Ive been on the hunt for a new mascara, I may need to try this one, as if the name didn't persuade me enough! Love your blog, new follower!

  4. I hate how long it has been since the last new episode of Scandal. And I wish I had her wardrobe and figure too.

  5. Love that table! And that mascara looks amazing!


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