Monday, January 20, 2014

Home Tour: Dinning Room

The Dinning room is where we all sit down and enjoy a nice meal which we are thankful for and catch up with each other without any distractions.

This sign is on a wall to the left of the dinning room and I love it and it speaks for itself

I am in the process of a little sprucing up kitchen/dinning
 The china hutch I am in the process of Annie Sloan chalk paint and distressing it.
I would love to find someone who could add doors and instead of glass use chicken wire.
My papaw the one who does woodwork it 82 and not able to get into his shop and so I am on the hunt for a carpenter. Depending on how the hutch looks I will decided what to do with the other pieces.
I am wanting to turn my neutral space into an old farmhouse kitchen and dinning

I am thinking of moving these curtains to the living room and getting new ones but I am not sure what to get. What so you think would look good here and make it look farmhouse 
I know I don't have a centerpiece but this table gets to much use and it seems like we always move it to see around or spread stuff out so for right now I am fine without one. This candle will be ok 

I couldn't get any better lighting so it looks a little dark.
This curio cabinet was in Maci room and had all her little trinkets but she moved rooms and changed stuff and so I ended up with it. The top is Maci's real Tea Set my Momma Lou got her for her first Christmas. The rest is odds and ins to my 2 sets of China. The Red is Johnson Brothers Old Britain Castles China and the White is my Christmas Morning China. Love my kidos but their finger prints are everywhere. When they leave me one day I will no doubt have their DNA they left
Hello, my name is Kelli and I am a cookbook hoarder
This is what fits on top I have tons more stuck everywhere. When we build I know that the top of my kitchen cabinets will be left open for my cookbook. I need to design a cookbook library.
I know I am not the only cookbook hoarded either so where do you put them all 

This is some of my Pewter pieces and my most recent collection is Pewter Mississippi Mint Julep cups then you have them monogrammed. Oh how I love them. I thought Louisiana was plain and I liked the added detail on the Mississippi ones so those are what I went with. I need more room 

There is my dining room and once I finish the farmhouse look with it I will do another post. All ideas are welcome



  1. I love all your pewter items but my favorite is the Ole Miss one.

    1. I knew you would love that one I almost put your name under that post LoL oh how I miss my Nut

  2. Love the pewter LSU platter. My kinda girl! I think some burlap-ish curtains would look great, or even denim! Maybe a khaki? I love the farmhouse look!!

    1. That LSU platter was from when Saban was there and when he left I went with him and where ever he goes I will go. LoL I RollTide and why don't I have any Bama pewter? Crazy right I was leaning towards burlapish curtains

  3. I agree with the burlap curtains!! I am working on some for my kitchen/dining room too! Maybe with a big M monogram in the middle of a valance! Excited to see how your dining room turns out! :)


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