Friday, January 17, 2014

Home Tour: Kitchen

I love seeing all the home tours and getting to take a peek inside. Sometimes I am surprised at what I see and style and sometimes I am right on with what I have pictured for them. Kind of like voices. So I noticed that I haven't done one and thought I would do one. I know I should of cleaned it before taking these pictures but I wanted to keep it real and this is what it looks like on a daily basis so here is my kitchen folks
Come on in
A little history about our house:
Its a old farmhouse that sits on 400 acres of farm land and we fenced half if the farm land in and made a cow pasture. It was built 50 years ago so we had and still need to make updates to it.

This is a vinyl piece I ordered off Etsy and it is on the back of the top cabinets on the bar

I HATE these white dingy counter tops and black plash. I want to change them out with Granite.
Keeping it real the rest of my knives are in the dishwasher
The Herrington Family Table cookbook is one of my prized possessions. I made it on Tastbook and put family recipes and pictures and it will be something that my kids can look back on.  

Looking at this picture my OCD is kicking in and I need to go clean my oven
on the left of my stove is my electric wine opener and I love it
I keep my pampered chef pizza stone in the oven I never take it out I just put my dishes on top of it

I want to update my sink into this Farm house sink and faucet. 

This is where we all gather, we sit on the bar hang out and watch Daddy cook when he is off but in less than a month or so I am going to loose my chef. That means I will have to go back to cooking

That microwave is killing me I want to stop typing and go clean it now.
These wipes I use daily
Excuse the Annie Sloan paint and brush I was just to lazy to move it
The huge wine glass I put corks in and write date and occasion for each year
I am not spindle fan I want to knock these out as well
This opens up to our living/family room
If my Annie Sloan project goes good then I am going to paint and distress these cabinets

This is my favorite thing ever. I love this wall mount spice wrack due to the fact
I don't have to dig through the cabinet when I need something.
Yes I have it alphabetical order blame it on the OCD
Again didn't want to take the time to move the broom its there because I sweep the kitchen so many times because that is the area that gets used the most
This is just a cork board and some fun pictures
My pantry with the barn doors and a funny story on the broke knob my kids use it to stand on and climb to the top so until they quit climbing and can reach the top I'm not changing it.
What I would give for a new fridge but until it breaks  (knock on wood that it doesn't any time soon) I am not going to buy on. I want it to match our other stainless steel appliciances


Well there you have it, that's my kitchen. I will be posting more. Monday it will be the dinning room. If you would like to join me you can post a home tour of any room or your dinning room. If you have already done one I enjoyed it and thanks for opening up your home and letting me take a peek.
I loved a few of your ideas and using them in my d├ęcor



  1. I love your kitchen! I want to a home your when I'm do e decorating. That may be never ha!

    1. I'm not a good decorator I'm like help....I can see stuff and love it but I don't know what to put where except my liquor lol
      I'm wanting to spruce up my kitchen due to it just being plain but I'm still making pinterest boards lol

  2. Love it! I too want granite & new back splash... in due time, in due time!

  3. This post just made me love you even more!

  4. I love it.
    I need that spice rack!!! Where did you get it?
    I also love the vinyl decal!!!!
    I should jump in and give a tour of my home!!!!

  5. After my parents remodeled the kitchen when I was in high school mother took the time to put all the spices in alphabetical order on the lazy Susan. She gets mad on the rare occasions she cooks when they aren't that way. Daddy says I just spin until I find it and I use it.


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