Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Momma come unglued

Rhett has been talking about doing the calf riding at the rodeo and we tool him to let him enter. They have all the youth events at the beginning so we signed Rhett in and Nick and him went to the back to get ready while we went to the bleachers. The muttin bustin was first and then the calf riding was announced. I am thinking this little calf like we have at home so I get my camera ready and what I saw come out the shoot wasn't a calf at all it is a bull like one with horns and all. I am not thinking how can I get to my baby boy fast enough and omg Nick lied to me....I am going to kill him if I don't die right now. Holy moly I'm fixing to vomit.
 Rhett is in the pink getting ready to ride his calf

This is what I see flying out of the shoot and its not a calf at all. Its a mini brahman and it has horns
2.7 seconds is what he rode and I thought I seemed like forever

As I am wanting on Nick and Rhett to come from the bucking shoots I'm getting madder and madder and then I see them all laughing and smiles and I could of killed them. Nick sees me and instantly starts saying "I didn't know I thought it was a calf, I told them Kelli is going to be upset I knew you weren't going to like it". So all in all they need to change calf riding into mini bucking bulls. I'm still in shock



  1. Oh my gosh!!! I would have been the same way! Momma Bear would have come out at that moment. Lol. But at the same time I am so super proud of him for doing it! That is amazing!!!

  2. I can only imagine what was going through your mind & how mad you were!!

  3. Holy Moly! I would have flipped my lid! Poor Nick and Rhett, they were scared to face the wrath of Momma! Rhett toughed it out and did good! Two thumbs up buddy!

  4. Oh my! They should have told everyone it was not a calf.

  5. Oh wow!! I would have been terrified. Every time we go to the rodeo Mason talks about wanting to ride bulls! Oh goodness!

  6. I would have had a heart attack too!


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