Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Workout Wednesday

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I am in Week 3 of Jamie Eason 12 week training  and this ecard explains exactly how I feel.
I am ready to get into cardio although I hate it my body is craving it. I love how I am not doing the same thing every week because I get so bored that way. I have not lost any weight yet but I'm not surprised because I never do. I just love to eat. But I have been drinking so much water that I can pee a pond a day...No Lie! 74ounces to be exact so that mean I am not having my Dr Pepper which is awesome. That is huge for me. If I would preplan it would be so much better and that's what I need to do instead of writing it down and not sticking to it. But in my defense I am not really eating bad.
I kind of wanted this to be funny and sarcastic because it's an e-card, but I guess this is ok.
I love seeing what how heavy I lifted last week compared to this week I feel like I have gone up on almost everything and if I haven't gone up I am the same but with awesome form. I had no clue that I could lift this heavy. That what I love about writing down all my stuff I print off the workout for the week and then write how many pounds in the box provided.

Jamie Eason's 12 Week Live Fit Trainer - Phase 1 and 2 Workout Worksheets on
I after this week I am 1 week shy of Phase 2 and I cant wait. I am more excited that is this so much fun that I am actually sticking with something. I usually get bored and not finish things and especially lifting this much I was wasting all last year with 5 & 8 lbs no wonder I didn't do anything.
Has anyone completed this yet? Who else is doing this? If so link up next Wednesday and we will keep each other accountable. Tiffany has been amazing keeping me motivated thanks girl


  1. Keep up the great work hot mama!!!

  2. I've been a lazy fata$$ lately. I'm not used to this winter stuff since I was in the Florida for 5 years. I need to snap out of it!

  3. I am so proud of you. I have been good about sticking to my workouts and have to make it through this week so that I can get the book I want for a reward. Now if only I could do better about my eating.


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